Cheapest peak climbing in Nepal

Cheapest peak climbing in Nepal

Monday, August 22, 2022

Nepal is renowned for its magnificent 8000-meter-high Himalayan mountains. Climbers can experience the greatest of adventure among the stunning, snow-capped peaks of the area. Amazing peak-climbing routes weave through the rocky, unforgiving landscapes. In this article, we will talk about the Cheapest Peak Climbing in Nepal.

These mountain peak climbs are difficult since they take place at elevations above 8000 meters. The air pressure and oxygen content are still very low. In addition, there are a number of other difficulties, such as strong winds, snowstorms, and other unpredictable weather at such altitudes.

But which peak in Nepal is the simplest and least expensive to climb? You might be curious. The mountain summits that are simplest and least expensive to climb are fully described in this article. For more information about these once-in-a-lifetime climbing adventures, continue reading.

Easiest 8000m Peak to Climb in Nepal

Manaslu Expedition

Manaslu Expedition - Cheapest Peak Climbing in Nepal

The most accessible and straightforward 8000-meter summit to climb in Nepal is Manaslu. When it comes to 8000 peaks, the Manaslu expedition has one of the lowest difficulty ratings (4E). On your journey, you will encounter lengthy, steep snow and ice slopes that you must cross in order to reach the summit. The steep ice steps are only a few, though.

In addition, you will engage in some easy rock climbing while ascending Mount Manaslu’s peak. You will spend about 35 days ascending and descending via the numerous camps after reaching the base camp. To get to Mount Manaslu’s top, you must traverse a high uphill and cross icy snowy routes. Similarly, it is one of the cheapest peak climbing in Nepal.

In order to successfully complete any 8000-meter climb, including Mount Manaslu, climbers must have strong technical climbing skills. For the excursion, hard physical work is necessary in terms of fitness. It’s also crucial to have a good training regimen that covers both technical and fundamental exercises.

The Manaslu Expedition travels for about 44 days through difficult terrain and bad weather. You will rely on contingency days that will be determined by the team leaders in the event of difficult weather. Acclimatization is essential, along with taking the right precautions to help your body adjust to the high altitude. You will also need to consume more calories and drink plenty of water. The Manaslu Expedition is generally regarded as the most straightforward 8000-meter summit to climb in Nepal. Similarly, it is one of the cheapest peak climbing in Nepal.

Everest Expedition

Everest Expedition Hillary Step

The tallest peak in the world is Mount Everest (8,848.86 meters). To reach the summit, you must travel through some incredibly difficult routes. The trip to Mount Everest is classified as 4E for alpine climbing difficulties. The world’s tallest mountain is typically regarded as one of the simpler 8000m peaks to scale.

You will nevertheless encounter a variety of challenges on the routes, such as high altitude sickness and sweltering temperatures. If not treated promptly, this altitude sickness can become fairly severe and result in high-altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) and high-altitude cerebral edema (HACE).

One of the expedition’s major challenges is the Khumbu icefall on Mount Everest. The usage of technical tools and equipment such as crampons, ascenders, jumars, carabiners, fixed ropes, belay devices, and others is subject to certain criteria.

Avalanches and crevasses can be encountered on Mount Everest’s ascent route. Your Sherpa guides will assist you in erecting ladders and fixed ropes. You will reach the summit of Mount Everest in around 66 days after climbing up and down through numerous camps at various heights.

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Annapurna Expedition

Annapurna Expedition

The Annapurna Expedition is one of the most difficult mountains to climb. Compared to other 8000-meter climbs in Nepal, Mt. Annapurna has a relatively high degree of difficulty. The ascent generally has several parts that rank higher in difficulty than K2 and Everest.

The mountain also has the greatest death rate among summits higher than 8000 meters, at 40%. At the peak, strong Gayle winds make the ascent rather difficult. As the path is always covered in snow, the expedition’s trek takes you across rocky terrain. Similarly, it is one of the cheapest peak climbing in Nepal.

To get to Mount Annapurna’s summit, you must navigate several seracs, jagged ridges, crevasses, and other obstacles. Another difficulty of the climb is falling on large rocks and ice, whereas avalanches happen frequently. As a result, climbers in the area may die as a result of these hard factors.

Because the Annapurna range is still remote, it can be difficult to find emergency and evacuation facilities. Before the climb, you must be well-prepared and trained for the severe altitude.

You will need to consume a lot of calories because you will lose weight while on the excursion. Sherpa guides are needed for some challenging climbing portions. The Annapurna Expedition is a difficult trek in Nepal overall.

Makalu Expedition

Makalu Expedition (8,463m) -Cheapest Peak Climbing in Nepal

The Makalu Expedition is one of the most difficult mountaineering expeditions. One of the mountains with the most difficult routes is Makalu. The challenging 8000-meter peak has numerous steep slopes and ridges with sharp edges. Trekkers who want to reach the top must be technically proficient in rock and ice climbing.

From the base camp, the trek route becomes easy for two hours before becoming somewhat difficult for the following three hours via snow and rocks. You will need to climb through the ice crevasse after passing through the 25 to 30-degree ice wall slope in this climb.

For this challenging excursion, the climbers must be outfitted with the right gear and supplies. In order to cross these crevasses, the Sherpa guides must also fix ropes. Most people agree that the Makalu expedition is the most challenging mountain to climb in Nepal.

For this challenging expedition, the climbers must be outfitted with the right gear and supplies. In order to cross these crevasses, the Sherpa guides must also fix ropes. Most people agree that the Makalu expedition is the most challenging mountain to climb in Nepal.

Cheapest 8000m Peak to Climb in Nepal

  • Expedition Package Cost (Per Person)
  • Manaslu Expedition US $ 11500
  • Annapurna Expedition US $ 15500
  • Makalu Expedition US $ 21500
  • Everest Expedition US $ 39999

Adventures including mountaineering and peak climbing in Nepal call for the right training and arranging. To complete the journey, a number of safety precautions and processes must be in place. As a result, peak-climbing activities have a premium price tag. Similarly, it is one of the cheapest peak climbing in Nepal.

The peak climbing packages cover the costs of climbing permits, Sherpa guides, porters, gear and equipment, transportation, meals, and lodging, as well as insurance, extra oxygen, and other expenses. In addition, you need to factor in a number of different extra personal expenses.

Depending on the elevation and difficulty of the mountains, several climbing licenses are available. Your Sherpa guides will accompany you at all times. Similarly, they offer you the best safety precautions and a relaxing ascent to the summit. They will aid you in setting up tents, ropes, and ladders.

What’s More

They will also assist you in managing and overcoming injuries such as cramping, frostbite, and altitude sickness. If necessary, they will assist you in being evacuated and help you descend along the trail. The climbing expedition also requires gear and equipment. They must be of excellent quality because you shouldn’t skimp on anything along the trail. The cost of getting to the trek’s goal is included in the transportation expenses.

Additionally, the cost of travel insurance will also include coverage for a variety of issues, including accidents, illnesses, altitude sickness, injuries, loss, theft, and property damage. In the high altitude elevation ascent, additional oxygen is also necessary due to the low oxygen and air pressure levels. Additionally included in the package are the costs for your meals and lodging while participating in the high-altitude peak climbing experience. Similarly, it is one of the cheapest peak climbing in Nepal.

The cheapest 8000-meter peak you can climb in Nepal is Manaslu Expedition. The expedition for this peak-climbing endeavor lasts about 44 days. The Manaslu Expedition package costs about US $11500 per person.

The Annapurna Expedition is the next-cheapest 8000-meter climb in Nepal. The climb’s overall package price averages up to about $15,000 USD per person. This expedition’s itinerary includes about 54 days in total.

Next on the list of the cheapest 8000-meter peaks in Nepal is the Makalu trip. The Makalu expedition must be completed in 51 days. US$21500 is the total cost per person for the Makalu expedition.

The Everest expedition is the priciest mountain peak climbing excursion, to wrap things up. This expedition to the world’s highest mountain summit has a 66-day itinerary. For the Everest trip, the total package price is US $ 39999 per person.

Climbing Equipment RequirementIce Axe

  • Crampons
  • Harness
  • Tape Slings
  • Screwgate karabiners (2 locks, 2 unlock)
  • Descender/Eight figure
  • Plastic mountaineering boots
  • Ascender/Jumar
  • Helmet
  • Snow Bar
  • Rope
  • Ice Hammer
  • Ice Screw

Where can I buy or Rent the climbing equipment

Now that the necessary peak-climbing gear for Nepal has been specified. Before you head to the mountains, you might be asking where you can buy or rent them. Although it is simple to purchase or rent all of this gear in Kathmandu, we always advise climbers to bring their own, if at all possible. Alternatively, if you intend to purchase them after you reach Kathmandu, the majority of trekking organizations will be pleased to help you locate them in accordance with your needs and price range. You may also rent these from the base camps of some of the more well-known peaks in Nepal, such as Mera, Lobuche, and Island.

Some of the best Peak Climbing in Nepal

Frequently asked questions about Peak Climbing in Nepal

How much does it cost to summit Manaslu?

For Full Board Service, the Makalu Expedition starts at USD 10,500, and for Base Camp Service, it costs USD 7,500. Although you can climb Mount Makalu in both the spring and the fall, we advise you to do so in the spring.

How long does it take to climb Mount Manaslu?

Manaslu may be climbed in roughly 7 weeks, including the beautiful trip to the 4,400-meter-high Manaslu Base Camp. The trekking route is still largely unexplored and stands out on its own.

What is the easiest 8000m peak to climb?

The simplest of the fourteen 8,000-meter peaks is Cho Oyu, the sixth-highest mountain in the world.

Which is the easiest peak to climb in Nepal?

The trip to Pokalde’s summit, at 5,806 meters, is generally a combination of walking and scrambling until you reach the last portion. It is widely regarded as one of the shortest and easiest of Nepal’s climbing peak climbs.

Can you climb Mt Everest for free?

An $11,000 permit that enables a mountaineer to climb Everest must be obtained by all foreign climbers. Without permission, climbers risk being fined twice as much as the cost they were trying to avoid. For other mountains, there are lower fees.

How much does the Nepal government charge to climb Everest?

Depending on which route they are climbing, a climber must first secure climbing permission from the government of Nepal or Tibet before they can even step foot on the mountain. The majority of climbers choose to ascend Everest via the south side in Nepal, where the permit costs $11,000, for logistical and support reasons.

What is the cheapest way to climb Mount Everest?

Depending on the service, these journeys might cost anywhere from $30,000 and $100,000. Operators from Nepal are typically the most affordable. ExpedReview data show that the median price of these trips is $38,725. They are frequently led by seasoned Sherpas, many of whom lack professional guiding credentials.

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Why is it so expensive to climb Everest?

Why does climbing a mountain cost so much money? According to Dennis Broadwell, proprietor of Mountain Gurus, a firm that organizes guided mountain climbs to Mount Everest, “the permit is provided per expedition, with around seven to 10 individuals on each permit.” “In such case, the cost equals $10,000 per individual.”


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