How hard is Yala Peak Climbing

How hard is Yala Peak Climbing

Monday, December 19, 2022

Nepal is a paradise of Moutain and one of the best mountains in Nepal is Yala Peak. So, Here we will discuss, How Hard Is Yala Peak Climbing

Mountain Yala Peak is located in the Langtang area of Nepal. It is a rather simple, non-technical climb that is categorized as a trekking peak by the Nepal Mountaineering Association. The highest peak in Tibet and the lowest of the fourteen eight-thousanders, Shishapangma (8013m), can be seen well from the summit.

Due to its proximity to Kathmandu, Yala Peak is one of the most well-known trekking peaks among hikers. Yala Peak is the easiest and most straightforward technique of all of Nepal’s trekking mountains, rising to a height of 5,700 meters (18,700 ft). Yala Peak is an exhilarating walk across the lovely Langtang valley that was once off-limits.

Yala peak

Route for Yala Peak Climbing

Our Yala Peak Climb journey starts with a scenic journey through the deep forest and traditional villages from Kathmandu, taking in the stunning scenery and Himalayan ranges and peaks.

After a 6-7 hour drive through the countryside, we arrive in Dhunche. From there, we gradually ascend through Langtang National Park to Thulo Syabru, Lama Hotel, and Kanjin Gompa, taking in the tranquil surroundings, lush, chirping birds, flora and animals, and occasionally even wildlife.

We adjust during the trek at Kajin Gompa, which is magnificently situated at the base of Langtang Lirung. On this day, we head to Yala Cheese Factory, Langsisa Yak Pasture, and climb Tsergo Ri (5,050m). 

The trip to Tsergo Ri is meant to motivate and build confidence in order to reach Yala Peak on the ninth day. Although the Yala Mountain expedition is technically simple, we climb the top very early in the morning, between 1 and 2 am, to reduce the likelihood of AMS and snowfall, which could endanger the trip.

Highlights of Yala Peak Climbing

  • Ganesh Himal, Mt. Manaslu, Langtang Lirung, Dorje Lakpa, Ganjala Range, Lenpo Gang, Shishapangma, and other mountains may all be seen in stunning detail.
  • You will be able to see glacial lakes while traveling.
  • It’s wonderful to travel to the area around Langtang National Park.
  • The Bhote or Bhotiya culture should be researched.
  • The oldest Tibetan Buddhist Gompa in the Langtang region is Kyanjin Gompa. Explore it. 

The difficulty of Yala Peak Climbing

Yala Peak is one of the most anticipated and challenging Climbs in Nepal. Therefore, one has to consider all the Yala Peak Climbing difficulties. So, here we have some of the difficulties during the Yala Peak Climbing. 

Yala’s summit is not at a technical level. This trekking peak may be harder than you anticipate due to the weather and how it is changing, though. It will be challenging to reach the peak of Yala Peak if there is a lot of snow on the route there. Without the proper acclimatization of your body, climbing might be challenging. However, don’t worry about the technical details.

How Hard is Yala peak Climbing

Yala Peak, which is under 6000 meters high, is a climbing peak. Even one meter makes a big impact at this high altitude. Because of this, climbing Yala Mountain below 6000 meters is easy. Practice trekking in Nepal to get ready for your climb over Yala Peak. 

This exercise could involve taking the stairs, running, cycling, or going to the gym. You will surely benefit from practicing yoga as well as other regular physical health activities.

High Altitude 

The top of Yala Peak is situated at a height of 5500 meters (1840 feet) above sea level. Yala Mountain is a trekking peak, therefore climbing it is not a challenging endeavor but rather a lovely experience. In light of what we can view from Yala Peak’s summit, the summit’s altitude is insignificant.

It is a delightful stroll that does not require any severe workout to trek to Yala Peak’s base camp. The base camp of Yala peak is situated at the conclusion of a little valley that rises to the mountain from the final hamlet of Kyanjing Gompa. Yala peak base camp is consequently situated at a height of 4100 meters above sea level.

Yala Peak Climbing
Yala Peak

The final town before the trek to Yala Peak, Kyanjing Village, at 3900 meters, offers the perfect acclimatization break before the ascent. There shouldn’t be more than 500 meters of elevation change per day before to the summit ascent.

Additionally, Kyanjing Gompa, the final settlement, provides two unique acclimatization hike options. Before attempting the top of Yala mountain, hikers can acclimate at Kyanjing ri (4700 meters above sea level) or Tsergu ri (5000 meters above sea level).

Cost for Yala Peak Climbing

The Cost for Yala Peak CLimbing is not that high. Likewise, Yala Peak’s climbing costs start at 1500 USD. However, the cost varies according to the inclusion and exclusion details in the company’s price proposal. However, one thing is certain: local trekking organizations in Nepal charge substantially less than multinational businesses for climbing the yala mountain.

The price of climbing Yala Peak includes the following charges in full: food, lodging, climbing gear, tents, camping, kitchen personnel and equipment, trekking expenses, transit expenses, and permits.

Best Time for Yala Peak Climbing

Climbing to the Himalayas of Nepal is possible throughout the year. However, choosing the best time for the visit is very important. The greatest time to climb Yala Peak is in October. It is also advised to hike up Yala Mountain at these times. Because these months are when climbing is most popular in Nepal (from March to May, during the spring season).

Similarly, Yala Peak is lower than 6000 meters, it is not a challenging trekking peak, but the scenery and summit vista is breathtaking. Because of the mild weather and excellent visibility, spring and fall are regarded as the best times to climb Yala peak.

The open skies and beautiful sky will allow climbers to have the best views from the top of Yala mountain. I advise ascending this mountain when the weather is clear. And there are no clouds in the sky because it is a trekking peak with the best view.

Yala Peak Climb

Nevertheless, this mountain is reachable both in the winter and during the monsoon. In months other than those mentioned above, climbing to Yala could not be possible owing to inclement weather, and the view might not be great. The best months for climbing the Yala Peak might not coincide with the best weather on your summit day because mountain weather is erratic.

Permits required for Yala peak Climbing

In Nepal’s Langtang region, Yala Peak, at 5732 meters, is one of the most reachable hiking peaks. Anyone interested in climbing Yala mountain with the aid of a pro is welcome to do so, and there are no operating licenses required. Due to the fact that it is a trekking peak, it is simple and easy.

Conclusion for Yala Peak Climbing

The panorama from Yala Peak’s summit is breathtaking. Yala Peak offers a 360-degree panorama of snow-capped mountains in Langtang and Tibet. Because it is situated in the middle of the Langtang mountain range. Unquestionably, ascending a Nepalese hiking peak in any of the White Mountains in Nepal or Tibet will be an adventure of a lifetime.

The trekking route to Yala Peak’s base camp runs through the rainforest of the Langtang National Park in addition to the summit view. In Langtang National Park, sightings of the snow leopard and red panda are frequent. These two species are in danger of going extinct, and Langtang National Park is doing its best to conserve them.


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